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Covington Cook offers a strategic approach for executives to find Board of Director positions and advisory opportunities. In the last year alone, throughout the pandemic, Tom Cook and Dustin Covington have successfully executed over 100 contracts for board seats or advisory boards. 


We develop personal, transparent, and trusting relationships with each individual client as the foundation upon which we propagate your success. With regular check-ins and frequent communication about your progress and your future, you will have the confidence that we are representing you with the highest level of professionalism. The opportunities that we produce are organic, and oftentimes exclusive to you. This allows for your engagement to play out without convoluting the situation with other candidates, while you determine if you want to accept the position or pass and continue your search. 


From the initial rounds of prospecting to the final aspects of contract negotiation and signing, we facilitate everything to ensure you stay focused on your current endeavors. We will be with you at every step and every crucial moment.

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Companies looking to outsource executive leadership have access to a world class network of experts that cover every facet of corporate leadership.


Startups and early stage companies have access to a network of serial entrepreneurs that have been in your position. They know exactly what to avoid and where to focus your energy. We walk you through every candidate, assisting in every aspect from setting up an introductory call to writing the terms of agreement with each member of your new advisory board. Furthermore, we have access to investment capital, from seed to series A, if your start up needs help getting off the ground financially. This comes from family wealth management offices, VC, and private equity among our network of strategic partners.


Large and publicly traded companies looking to strengthen governance have access to our network of former board members and C-Suite executives. We begin our engagements discussing the specific goals and needs of your organization, culture, and the precise executive profile you have in mind to fill your position. We have, or we will source, experienced plug and play board members with viable and tested solutions that can complement your existing strategy, or forge entirely new policy and operating procedures. Adaptability is the name of the game, and our executive network has proven to be nothing short of resilient throughout their careers.

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