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Who we are

Boasting a vast C-level network, Covington Cook connects high level executive talent to companies seeking new leadership. We specialize in the development of advisory boards and boards of directors, offering an extremely effective process to get the accomplished executive new business opportunities. Unlike our competitors, we’ve maintained a 60% placement ratio for our clients. We hold our relationships and reputation in the highest regard and strive to provide the gold standard of client engagement.

What you pay

Retainer: $1,000 per month, for three (3) months, backed by our Placement Guarantee*

Placement Fee: 15% of first year total compensation

(Retainers are recoupable against the placement fee)

*Placements are defined as any hiring entity making an official offer to a client. If a client has not been presented with an offer within three months, no further monthly billing will be required, and we will continue sourcing new opportunities indefinitely until placement.
Client has the right to decline any offer, however, further engagement will require continued monthly billing.

What you get

Weekly individual prospecting
Weekly 1 on 1 phone and/or zoom meetings
First right of refusal on all potential board opportunities
Contract Negotiations and Representation
Interview Prep


Covington Cook

Covington Cook turns ideas into logical and realistic objectives through organic prospecting, global strategic networking, and the creation of board and consulting opportunities.
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