Leveraging Experience


Covington Cook is an organizational networking firm, where new talent and bold ideas harmonize to facilitate success. We strategically position corporate and executive clients together to forge valuable relationships, where leaders guide diverse teams through every cycle of business. From seed and development to maturity and exit, our values are clear.









Covington Cook offers innovative strategies to connect senior executives with companies facing a range of complex problems and business needs. Consultants, advisors, and board members bring actionable solutions to corporate interests, driving revenue growth and sustainability. 

Our sole focus is to fully comprehend our clients’ goals and facilitate an action plan that helps identify and prioritize their importance. We turn ideas into logical and attainable objectives. This includes prospecting, developing, and maintaining a network of strategic partners globally, across any industry, to be able to meet the demands of any critical situation.

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Covington Cook has partnered with The Working Party Group, a San Francisco based business networking and support firm. We are proud to provide TWGP with our expertise, and complement their effort in identifying and supporting Bay Area minority and women-owned businesses, by providing their founders with access to business imperatives critical to startups such as Human Capital, Technology, Investment Networks and more.




Covington Cook offers a strategic approach for executives to find Board of Director positions and advisory opportunities.


Our executive network is comprised of experts in every facet of corporate leadership, spanning across any industry. 

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